There are many different reasons why people may develop bags under their eyes. Perhaps they are not getting enough sleep or not drinking enough water. When those reasons are the cause, the problem is often easy to correct. All someone needs to do is get more sleep and drink more water. However, under-eye bags are sometimes genetic or may be caused by other underlying reasons. The following tips and advice can help anyone diminish the appearance of their under-eye bags naturally, no matter what the cause.  

Incorporate Daily and Nightly Skin Moisturizer  


Most people remember to regularly wash their faces as a part of their skin routines; however, many forget the moisturizer’s importance. As skin ages, it begins to lose its ability to retain as much moisture as it once could. Now is the time when daily and nightly moisturizer becomes especially important. It’s not a quick method of abolishing or reducing under-eye bags, but it is a possible long-term solution to the problem.  

To incorporate moisturizer into your daily skin routine, be sure to rub extra face moisturizer (or eye cream) into the skin under your eyes after washing your face in the morning and at night. After applying moisturizer in the morning, apply any makeup.  

Use Tea Bag Compresses   


When eye bags are a bigger problem than a moisturizer can handle, or when an immediate reduction of the appearance is essential, tea bag compresses might be the natural treatment ticket. Warm and cold bags are both shown to work effectively to eliminate or decrease under-eye bags’ appearance. Dilated blood vessels are often the cause of under-eye puffiness, and the tea helps constrict those dilated vessels. Additionally, the warmth (or cold) may also help reduce the puffiness.  

First, to use tea bags to help with this issue, run two tea bags under hot water until they are fully saturated. Next, gently squeeze out all the excess water. Now, choose to use the warm tea bags by placing them under your eyes for around 20 minutes. If you prefer cold tea bags, put them in the refrigerator until they reach the desired temperature, and then place them under your eyes for 20 minutes. Then, you can apply any makeup as you usually would. 

Use Aloe Vera and Tea Cold Compresses  


Finally, a good way to get rid of or reduce eye bags is by using aloe vera and tea cold compresses under your eyes in the morning. Making the compresses is simple. Take a cotton round and soak it into freshly brewed tea. Squeeze out most of the excess tea and cut the round in half. Apply pure aloe vera extract to one side of each half of the round. Place each half under each eye with the aloe vera side facing the skin. Let them sit for about 10 minutes and remove. Gently rub in any leftover solution and let your skin dry. Once it is dry, it is safe to apply make up.   Having under-eye bags may give people the wrong impression about you. You may appear to be sad or tired when that is not the case. Follow the above tips to help get rid of these pesky things.

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