A beautifully tanned body appears to glow with health. It is not healthy to expose your skin to the sun’s ultra violet rays. You can look beautiful without damaging your skin by using a bronzer for your face and applying tanning lotion to your body.

Apply a Bronzer to Mimic the Appearance of a Tan


Once you choose the shade of bronzer that suits your skin toning, your skin will appear tanned and healthy without being exposed to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

There are many different shades of bronzer. How do you choose the best color bronzer to suit your skin toning? If your skin is fair and freckles easily, the most natural look for your skin type is one with apricot or pink tones. If you have fair skin that can tan naturally without freckling or blistering, choose a bronzer with yellow or beige tones. If your skin type is olive, choose a bronzer with a red-brown coloring.

After choosing the best-colored bronzer to suit your skin type, choose the type of bronzer that is most suitable for you.


Powder bronzers are very popular and easy to apply. Purchase a cosmetic brush to apply the bronzer to your face. You only need a small amount of powder on your brush. Remove any excess powder before you apply the bronzer. Too much powder on your brush will result in a mask-like appearance. Obtain a natural look by applying the bronzer to your forehead, the top of your cheeks, and across your nose.

Cream bronzers are available in stick form or in a tub. Apply a cream bronzer with your fingertips. Make sure your fingers are clean and dry. Place a small amount of bronzer on your fingers and blend the bronzer thoroughly into your face. By applying a small amount of bronzer at a time you will achieve a color that is perfect for your skin tone.


Apply a liquid bronzer in the same way that you would apply a cream bronzer. You can achieve a very thin layer of bronzer on your face by using a liquid bronzer instead of a powder or cream bronzer. Using a liquid bronzer will give your face a translucent appearance. It takes practice to apply a liquid bronzer successfully to ensure you obtain a perfect result.

Apply a Tanning Lotion instead of Tanning under the Sun

You can acquire a glowing tan without damaging your skin. Do not tan under the sun. Instead, use a tanning lotion so you avoid the sun’s ultra violet rays.

Before you apply a tanning lotion, it is important to exfoliate your skin. Dry patches of skin absorb more tanning lotion. Unless you exfoliate your skin before applying a tanning lotion dry patches of skin will turn darker than the rest of your skin. Pay particular attention to ankles, knees, and elbows, as these areas are more likely to be dry and patchy.

Choose the type of tanning lotion best suited to your needs. Spray-on tanning lotion is easy to apply. Spray on a light coat of tanning lotion beginning with your feet and working up towards your face. It will take about three hours before you can see the completed results of your spray tan.


To obtain the most evenly covered tan, try using wipe-on tanning lotion. Because you use throwaway towels to apply wipe-on tanning lotion, you can take time to blend your tan evenly over your body. Soak cotton swabs in eye make-up remover, so you can remove any excess tanning lotion from your skin. It does take a little practice to use wipe-on tanning lotion. Once you are accustomed to using this method, you will be very pleased with the results.

If your skin is fair, purchase a moisturizer that includes a tanner. This will provide you with a light tan as well as moisturizing your skin.

Take time to choose a bronzer and a tanning lotion, so you chose the one most suitable for your skin type and needs. Once you master the art of applying bronzers and tanning lotions, you will look beautiful all year long.

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