There are many who spend hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars a year on beauty products and treatments to help keep them looking beautiful. This can come in the way of facials, hair dying treatments, manicures, exfoliations, and much more. There are many ways that people baby themselves to look as beautiful as possible.

Sadly, not every part of their body gets the same kind of attention. The truth is they will spend far more on their face and hair then on any other spot because it is the most visible location on their body. Conversely, those places that do not get seen as much often are neglected. This is the case with most people’s feet.

Can My Feet Be Beautiful?

Most people are going to look at this article and think it really does not matter if their feet are not beautiful. After all, most people are going to see them with shoes on and the few who do see them without shoes or socks will honestly not care about whether their feet are beautiful or not.

While a husband may find that his wife is beautiful in all ways, it is rare that he married her because of her beautiful feet. Some women do things to make their feet look more beautiful, like wear toenail polish or get a pedicure, but this focus is around the nails. Because of toeless shoes and sandals, it makes sense to make sure that the toes and nails look their very best, but this kind of attention does not need to be paid to the entire foot.

The problem with that kind of thinking is that it is far off base. Your feet can be a very appealing feature, and can be very attractive to people who you may want to be attracted to you. Men and women like to caress feet. It is incredibly intimate, so having beautiful feet can make that experience a lot more sensual.

The thing about it is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Your feet are on display while you are swimming, maybe sitting outside at the beach or at the lake. Maybe you do not wear shoes when you are in your home and have guests over. All of these are an opportunity to show off your feet, so you want them to look their absolute best.

Ok, I Get It, So What Do I Do?

Maybe you are sold now on the importance of taking care of your feet. You see that there can be benefits out of making them look beautiful, but have no idea what you can exactly do about it. So, we are here to help you. Here are 10 tips that are easy things to do to make your feet look more beautiful.

Kill the Fungus

If your toenails have a yellowish color to them or a slightly unappealing smell, it is likely because you have fungus in or under the toenails. This is very common and is something that can be quickly taken care of by using an antibacterial product, even using something like apple cider vinegar. Kill off that fungus right away so that your tolls will look better.

Nourish Your Feet

Your feet take an absolute beating. There is a lot of pressure on them, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because of your shoes and socks, your feet can be hot, causing you to have dry skin. It is also true that being out in the elements can cause your skin to dry. So, look into a nourishing product to make your feet look a lot healthier. This will remove dry skin and make them look more beautiful.

Pumice Away

You are going to find areas on the bottom of your feet where dead skin is going to build up. This not only gives an unappealing look because of the additional skin layers, but those layers are usually a different color from the normal hue of your foot. Use a pumice stone to remove that dead skin so your feet will look a lot better and more even.

Soak in Raw Milk

One of the best home remedies you can use for your feet is to soak them in raw milk. You do not need to do this for more than once or twice a week, but the lactic acid inside the milk will remove dead skin and moisturize your foot at the same time. You can also massage the raw milk into your feet for about 20 minutes to add additional benefits.

Use a Lotion

You can use something like aloe vera or a similar type of product to moisturize your feet and remove dry skin. Dry skin is going to be something that is going to ruin the beauty of your feet. Using products that contain aloe vera or other moisturizers will do wonders for your feet.

Let Them Breathe!

This is a tip we cannot stress enough. If you do not need to wear shoes, nylons, and socks all the time, then don’t. Let your feet breathe. Let them not become overheated in socks or shoes all the time. If you are at home, take off your shoes, take off your socks, take off your nylons. If you can remove your shoes at work while you were sitting at a desk, then do so. Let them breathe!

Let Them Breathe II!

As another point related to this, get shoes that allow your feet to breathe as well. If your shoes are allowing sweat and moisture to build up, that can cause discoloration, calluses, even fungus on your feet. Find shoes that give your feet the opportunity to breathe.

Be Careful with Blisters

When most of us get a blister, our first reaction is to pop it and tear off the skin. Not what you should do. Instead, it is a good idea to hold a small hole to the side to allow the blister to drain, but then protect that blister with a bandage until it is healed.

Find the Right Color

If you like to where toenail polish, find one that accents your feet well. Just like certain eyeliners work well with your cheekbones because of the natural color of your face, this is true for your toenails as well.

Fix Your Cuticles

The last one is to work with your cuticles. While you may do a great job of filing down or clipping your toenails, make sure you give a little extra care to the cuticles. However, do not go overboard. Causing them to bleed well leave little scabs and scars, and those do not look good either.

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