If you have recently had a baby, we would like to wish you congratulations. If you have recently lost a lot of weight, we would also like to congratulate you. These are two momentous things that can occur in the life of a woman, and you deserve to be congratulated at this amazing time in your life.

It is truly amazing when you have a baby or lose a lot of weight, but there can be reminders left behind that you would prefer to do without. This often appears in the form of stretch marks. Your skin has stretched to accommodate the additional weight, and these marks remain after you have had your baby or lost the large amount of weight. They take some of the excitement out of your accomplishment.

For many women, this can be a depressing point in their life. They look at these marks on their skin and feel ugly and unattractive. There is no reason to feel that way but, if you are, you should know that there are some things you can do to fight those stretch marks and restore your natural beauty in your belly. Here are three such tips.

Give It an A!

Vitamin A has a lot of benefits for your body, and one of those is in regards to your skin. This vitamin, often referred to as retinoid, works to make your skin a lot smoother looking. It helps to strengthen the collagen in the skin and will create a smooth looking appearance which will remove some of those marks.

The best part about vitamin A is that you can take it in two different ways. First, you can get a topical cream that you would rub into the area where the stretch marks are apparent. This should be done at least twice a day to allow the retinoids to activate the collagen and strengthen the area.

In addition, you can take vitamin A orally. This can be done by eating foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, and other similar foods that are high in vitamin A, or you can take supplements that supply you with the needed vitamin A.

Just so you know, a 1996 study found that retinoids had a significant impact on the appearance of stretch marks. If used on a regular basis they can quickly help to reduce, maybe even remove those marks altogether. You will feel amazing and no time.

Aloe Vera

You can search across the Internet for remedies and what you are going to find in every instance is aloe vera is strongly recommended. Aloe vera is the ultimate Band-Aid for your skin. It does wondrous things for you in many ways.

What is important to understand about aloe vera is that it has a number of healing properties to it. For those who have suffered from burns, aloe vera not only soothes the area, but helps in the healing process. It works with the natural processes in your body to expedite healing to the area and protects against bacteria and debris causing infection. It is truly remarkable.

It is also great for stretch marks. Aloe vera not only soothes the area where the stretch marks exist, but also works with the skin to strengthen the collagen so that your skin will get tighter.

One important note. Because the product contains aloe vera does not mean it works in the same way. What you need is pure aloe vera oil or cream to apply to the area where stretch marks are apparent. You want the full effect of this plant and its extract, and that will only work if you are getting the pure form.

You were going to find that there are a number of products out there that contain aloe vera in them. They will have some effect, but not the impact you are looking for. Instead, what you should do is get a pure oil or cream, apply it to the area and leave it on for between 20 and 30 minutes. Then, wash off with room temperature water and pat dry. Do this every day for a month or two and you were going to see dramatic results.

Coconut Oil

This is another natural product that is ideal for removing stretch marks. In fact, coconut oil will assist with a number of skin conditions you have. If you have scarring on your skin caused by a burn or other type of injury, coconut oil is a great product to use. It has natural healing properties that quickly reduce wounds and restore the natural look of the skin.

For those who have stretch marks, this is not a wound, but still is an injury to your skin. Your skin has been stretched and pulled and has been in that condition for quite some time. Therefore, getting it to restore it to its natural beauty need some help. This is what coconut oil does.

By applying coconut oil to the skin, you will see that it will begin to heal these areas where stretch marks have built up. What separates it from aloe vera is that you do not have to use 100% pure coconut oil to apply to the area. Instead, there are quality moisturizers that have high levels of pure coconut oil in them. These will work just as good and can save you a little bit of money.

You can apply this to your skin and simply leave it on. You do not need to wipe it off or wash it away after 30 minutes. Just let it remain on your skin and you will see amazing results.

As you can see, three simple steps can do wonders in removing stretch marks from your skin. You will feel so much better about the way you look and will not feel self-conscious about taking off your shirt or wearing a bikini. You will look beautiful and every eye will be on you as you are more gorgeous than ever.

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