Makeup can be a good thing – if your makeup use is within reason. It can help you quickly cover over problem areas and feel more perfect than you could by yourself. You can face the world with greater confidence this way. If you always need makeup to feel confident, though, you could have a problem.

One of the best ways to really know what your relationship with your makeup kit is, is to completely quit it for at least six months. You’ll be able to reset your mind, understand what the difference is when you go without makeup and see things in a new light. If you’ve been wearing makeup for years, you’re likely to have matured in that time. When you get back to your makeup after your break, you’ll be able to bring your new ability to understand life to bear.

The first things that you’re likely to notice when you take a break from makeup

You’ll be able to feel again: Even a light layer of foundation, powder, lipstick and mascara can keep the sun from reaching your skin. When you quit makeup, one of the first things you’ll notice is the sun directly on your face. It can be refreshing. It can also feel wonderful to finally be able to touch your face or rub your eyes without worrying about smudging anything.

Many people won’t notice the difference: Many women who decide to try life without makeup are surprised at how the change is barely noticed. Romantic partners are often the last to notice, for instance. Once you notice your dates and your colleagues at work accepting you without judgment, you may see how makeup doesn’t make the kind of difference to your life that you always thought.

Your makeup routine has grown too complex over time: As with software feature bloat, wall-of-sound pop music arrangements and legislation, makeup routines tend to get increasingly complicated over time. You use more products, you get more deeply involved in creating the illusion and you lose sight of the final effect that you are aiming for. Quitting makeup for a few months can clear your head and get you back in touch with what you really want. You may learn that you don’t really need much more than foundation, blush and a brow pencil.


You’ll learn about your different motivations for wanting makeup: Sometimes, you can feel the need to put on makeup simply because you are insecure. At other times, you can need makeup to creatively express yourself and gain a certain look. When you routinely wear makeup each day, it can be easy to tell yourself that all your makeup is for creative reasons. When you take a break, though, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

You’ll learn the difference between skin care and makeup: When makeup is a part of your daily routine, you can get so involved in the reality distortion that the promotional language on the products encourage that you begin to mistake makeup for skin care. Things quickly clear up, though, when you stop wearing makeup altogether for a few months. You’ll begin to think outside of the advertising lines that the products feed you and really see how using natural face packs, exercising, drinking water and eating skin-friendly foods are the only things that deserve to be called skin care. Makeup isn’t one of them.

Here’s what going off makeup can do for you

You can force yourself to pay attention to fixing problems from the inside out: When you have makeup or cosmetics to turn to, you aren’t forced to deal with dark circles, dry skin or wrinkles – you can simply cover them over. When you don’t have makeup, alarm over wrinkles and other problems can move you into adopting more responsible habits – exercise, less partying and so on.

You can look younger: If you’ve ever seen a 10-year-old with makeup on, you’ve probably felt some degree of distaste — makeup takes away innocence and youth. It can have a similar effect on an adult, too? Using no makeup can simply make you look more innocent and more youthful. Cosmetics can only give you a different kind of youthfulness – smooth-looking skin with arresting color. They can’t give you the real youthfulness that natural skin can.

You get to stand out: A significant part of looking good has to do with being different. In a world full of women who wear makeup, doing without it can simply make you stand out. People will notice you and will take in how without makeup, you look fresher. You’ll get to make a bigger impact.

Here’s what you can do to look great without makeup

Cleanse: While not putting gloop on your skin every day is a great way to preserve your natural beauty, you can have the dust and soot in the air settle into your skin and take away from your good looks. Cleansing your face twice each day, then, is an important part of looking fresh and young without makeup.

Maintain your looks well: Whatever you need to do to look your best – pluck your eyebrows, keeping your hair properly washed, moisturize with natural products – you need to make sure that you do it all. Great grooming can help you pull off your natural looks to the best effect.


Use the best natural products: The best cosmetics often advertise their powerful natural ingredients. There’s no point in taking cosmetics for the natural ingredients when you can go directly to the source. Coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer that’s used in many top cosmetics brands, for instance. You can directly apply it to your skin. Other essential oils — avocado, sweet almond, sesame and castor — offer powerful moisturizing effects, too. For facemasks, you can use oatmeal, banana, cucumber and green tea and sour cream.

Did you know that natural skincare oils, such as moringa oil or pomegranate oil can be used to enahnce the works of a light foundation or even act as light make-up in their own right? You can use pure skincare oils to complement your complextion and enhance your skin tone. Be sure to try our IONIA AZURÉ Facial Oil, made of 99.9% organic skincare oils. It is great for general face care and also can be used to highlight your lips, cheekbones or jawline.

With your time and money devoted to true skin health, you’ll be more beautiful than ever.

You’ll probably have a far more limited relationship with makeup when you start again A break from makeup can be a great thing. It can help you see yourself through fresh eyes. When you get back to your makeup, you’ll probably enjoy a more restrained relationship with it. It’ll be for the best.

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