Putting makeup on can be challenging if you wear glasses. To begin, your glasses hide your eyes, and make it harder for people to see them. There’s also the problem that your glasses slip and slide on your nose all day. What follows are tips that can help you if you are a makeup enthusiast who also needs to wear glasses.

Prevent your lashes from smudging up your glasses

If you have long lashes, you likely have trouble with dirty glasses. The problem is that each time you blink, your long lashes rub against your glasses, leaving a trail of oily streaks. What you need is a way to get your long lashes off your glasses. Eyelash curlers are the best way to deal with this problem. When you curl your lashes, they look beautiful, and keep them off your glasses, as well.

Wear extra-bright eyeliner

Black eyeliner can be great when you don’t wear glasses. When your eyes are behind eyeglass lenses, however, you need extra help making your eyes pop. From purple to pink, and from brown to gray, liquid eyeliner pens come in dozens of shades. With their marker-like tips, they help you apply eyeliner with precision and ease.

Consult a color wheel for eye makeup shades that complement your eyes

Whatever color your eyes are, you need to try eye makeup shades that complement them. Usually, shades that complement your eye color tend to be on the opposite side of the color wheel. This means that if your eyes are blue, shades such as brown and ochre tend to be best. If you have brown eyes, gray may work well. Burgundy tends to go nicely with green eyes.

Use bright red lipstick

There are plenty of shades of red lipstick to choose from, and they can all come in handy, depending on your skin tone. Bright red lipstick makes for an attractive look, and can also keep everyone’s eyes from always landing on your glasses.

Always use mini travel brushes

Putting on eye makeup can be extra hard when you wear glasses. You need to take the glasses off to put your makeup on, which can mean that you aren’t able to see yourself well in the mirror. You need to move very close to the mirror, but this can mean that the long handles of your brushes strike against the mirror. What you need, then, is to use mini travel brushes. The handles tend to be short, allowing you to move close to the mirror to see better.

Use extra-bright under-eye concealer

If your glasses aren’t the rimless variety, you can expect the rims to cast shadows under your eyes. If you wear glasses, you can also expect under-eye circles to a degree. You need to counter the effect with extra brightness in the area under your eyes. A bright shade of under-eye concealer can be ideal.

Use glasses wax to keep your glasses in place

If you wear glasses, you probably have them slide down your nose every now and then. When your glasses slide, the nose pads that rest on the bridge of your nose can smudge up your makeup in that area. Brands like Nerdwax make a special kind of product called glasses wax, that you apply to the nose pads. The product, which is made of skin friendly oils and waxes, helps your glasses stay in place. You won’t need to push up your glasses all the time, and you won’t end up smudging your makeup. There are no hard and fast rules for what to do when you wear glasses and need to wear makeup. You should experiment with different looks and with different products to find something that works well for you. These tips, however, can get you started.

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