You can’t always afford to go to a salon to color your hair. Sometimes, you have to do it yourself. While you do get decent results, there is a downside — what if the color runs down and stains skin around? You may try all kinds of DIY approaches, which may sometimes turn out to be worse than the problem to begin. Here are five hacks to try if you’re experiencing a hair color staining disaster.

To begin, prevention is better

If you’re not an expert with DIY hair color, you should start with some prevention. Take out some petroleum jelly, carefully apply it to your skin just outside your hairline. The jelly shield makes sure that the skin isn’t directly exposed to any hair color drips. If you have tanned your skin already, however, here are the hacks to try.

Use an exfoliating substance

In most cases, if you’re exfoliating your face, you should choose a chemical exfoliant, simply because it’s less harsh than the kind that scrubs your face raw. If you’re trying to take out a color stain out of your facial skin, however, physical scrub is better. Gently scrub away at the stain to see if it loosens.

Use makeup remover on the stain

While it might occur to you to use anything from rubbing alcohol to nail polish remover on the hair color stain on your face, those substances are simply too harsh. They are likely to give you a bad case of skin irritation. Instead, try waterproof makeup remover. It’s made to be safe on facial skin. You can use either liquid remover or makeup remover wipes.

Remove color with more color

As unbelievable as it may sound, you can try to apply a little bit of left-over color to the area of skin that is stained. The chemicals in the color may loosen and dissolve the color on your skin.

Try toothpaste

You need to put a little bit of toothpaste (not the gel variety) on a clean toothbrush and scrub away at the stained area. Toothpaste and toothbrush can be a little rough on the skin, and you can be certain it will smart. It may exfoliate the skin deeply enough to take the color away, however.

If you’re trying to remove hair color stain from your skin, you may get desperate enough to try to apply anything you can get your hands on. It isn’t a good idea, however. You don’t want to damage your skin in your attempt to get the color out. You need to try good, tested ideas.

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