Many of us are familiar with the phrase “you get what you pay for.” The idea behind it is that if you pay for a cheap product then you receive cheap quality in return.

This kind of mentality has swept across many industries, even into product used to take care of ourselves. There are those who feel that certain brands of shampoo are far superior than any others, primarily because of the cost involved. The question is if cheap shampoos are as good as expensive ones?

Well…It Depends


Unfortunately, this is not a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no answer. There are sensational shampoos that are far more expensive than others, and many of these do a great job at taking care of your hair. However, you can get a quality shampoo for a few euros/dollars/… and still get the same benefits you receive by purchasing an expensive one. So, why would you pay more if you do not have to?

This depends upon what shampoo you are using and what effect you are looking for. Here is an example. If you have a serious issue with dry scalp, using a regular, cheap product will not do the job for. In fact, you are likely to find that low-cost products could only make the condition worse.

You may require a specialty shampoo, especially if your scalp condition is an extreme case. Some people have an extreme reaction when they use standard, store-bought shampoos. They need something that is able to moisturize and medicate their scalp. This can require an expensive choice.

You Need to Look at the Ingredients


What often separates one brand of shampoo from another is the ingredients. Many of these ingredients are specific for treating a scalp. They go far beyond the cleaning of hair.

For the average person, they are looking for a shampoo to clean out oils, dirt, and other debris in their hair. This can be accomplished by using a bargain store choice. In fact, many choose this option and are doing just fine.

It is when you are looking for specific ingredients where you were going to find the price goes up. The shampoo may have oils or vitamins to it, things that will help to nourish the hair and the scalp. For people that may have dry or brittle hair, they need vitamins and essential oils to help rejuvenate the hair.

There are also shampoos specially designed for people who have just had their hair colored. The use of a bargain option may cause the color to be cleansed out as well. If you spent $100 to have your hair colored, the last thing you want is to have all that color removed by a $2 bottom of shampoo.

In this instance, you need a shampoo that protects the follicles and holds the color in. There are brands that contain special oils that safeguard the color in the hair while also cleaning it.

Shampoo Can Damage Your Hair


You may not like having to pay for all of those vitamins and oils, but one of the most important reasons for purchasing a more expensive shampoo is that they do not damage your hair. The truth is that some shampoos will clean your hair well, but they can also do damage to your hair.

Think of it like this. You can use standard dishwashing soap to clean your skin. In fact, for years parents used this in bubble baths for their children. What was the result? The children often suffered from dry skin caused by the soap.

This same type of thing can happen if you use a bargain shampoo. While not exactly like dish soap, the purpose of shampoo is to clean your hair of oils and dirt. Many shampoos do just that. However, they dry the hair at the same time, making it more brittle, even causing it to fall out. It can become brittle, frizzy, or help lead to such things as split ends.

You may need a quality shampoo if you want to protect your hair. Considering that your hair is one of the most visible things about you, it may be worth it to spend a few extra dollars to protect your hair. Often, people spend a lot of money on skin moisturizers, so why not give that same kind of attention to your hair?

Add Some Fullness to Your Hair


There are many have very thin hair. It can become unmanageable. A little wind and your hair is going all over the place. That can turn your beautiful look into a disaster in no time at all.

Using a bargain shampoo will not help with this, but you may do much better with a shampoo that is specially designed to help people with thin hair. They cost more, but they work. It is well worth the investment to give you manageable hair without using hair sprays or gels.

Go with What Works for You


You can walk through any department store or grocery store and find dozens of options for cleaning your hair. All of them will do the job. The question to ask is what kind of hair and scalp you have.

You need to consider if spending a few extra dollars to have hair that is much more to your liking is important enough for you. You likely already spend a lot of money to clean and moisturize your body, so why not give the same kind of love to your hair?

This article did not necessarily tell you if you get the same quality of shampoo by purchasing a bargain brand, but it has given you some things to think of. You now can make an informed decision on how you need to care for your hair and scalp. What we can tell you is that if you spend a few extra dollars to baby your hair today, it will help your hair a lot in the long run. Maybe this decision is all about what you want your hair to be like when you are 50 or 70!

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