Skin care during menopausal acne

As if a host of other problems about menopause were not enough, a new one has been recently added to the official menopause worry list: menopausal acne, also called hormonal acne. Acne was long though to occur mainly in teenage years. According to the resent publication from Dr. Niti Khunger and Dr. Krati Mehrotra from […]

Yes, You Should Still Wear Sunscreen

Woman in hut wearing sunscreen

For years you have seen the warnings about too much exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight, and your risks of long-term damage to your skin. UV radiation damages your skin cells at the molecular level, causing premature aging, pigment changes like freckles and age spots, and ultimately a higher risk of skin cancer. […]

Skin Allergy

Sometime while walking down the streets, you’ve noticed a woman with a great hair. You try to keep close to her, you want to see the totality of the beauty. Only for you to get really close and be disappointed. What’s wrong? Her skin! Her hair’s doing great but the skin isn’t. What could be […]

What you need to know about your Skin pH

Everybody’s dream is to have and maintain a glowing skin. To feel the happiness that causes a smile when you walk pass a mirror. You want to own a skin that will boost your confidence and make you walk into places easily, flaunting your skin everywhere you go. I’m talking about a skin that will […]

Blue light – What’s the big deal about it?

Lady in blue light

We discussed wrinkles; what they are and what causes them in the previous article. A lot of facts resulting in the development of wrinkles on your fair skin were mentioned. In this article, a very important and recent discovery of cause of wrinkles and how it can be managed would be discussed. In this article, […]

Wrinkles – What are they ?


Nothing makes you feel more confident and comfortable like waking up on a nice morning, staring at the mirror just to see a beautiful and young looking face staring back at you. However, you feel less comfortable when all you can see are wrinkles threatening that radiant beautiful face of yours. Wrinkles occur in form […]