Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Your fingernails can really accent your beauty. Manicured correctly, they can make you look absolutely stunning. They also can demonstrate how healthy you are. Strong, healthy nails are an indicator of overall good health. However, sometimes you do not get the strong nails you desire. If this is true for you, then no need to […]

The Fascinating Story of Henna Tattoos

A tattoo can make a great statement about you. It is a showpiece of sorts, even if it is not visible to everyone. There are some who choose to have tattoos positioned in intimate places on their body, something that only the most special of people will get to see. There are also those who […]

How to Maintain Your Beard

A beard can give you a very distinguished look. It is a fantastic look for many men. Some have had a beard almost since the day they started to grow hair on their face. Others have decided to add it to their look later in life. It does not matter when you decided to grow […]

Sunscreen for Hair: Protecting Against Ultraviolet Light Damage

There is no doubt that many enjoy basking in the sun so they can get that beautiful bronze colored skin. The sun can provide a very appealing, darkened complexion which is captivating to many of the opposite sex. However, the sun can also have detrimental effects upon your skin. Not only does it damage the […]