Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

As natural products are becoming more readily available, and there is a lot of hype about the properties and benefits, is it worth your time to try natural cosmetics?  Natural make-up tends to have fewer ingredients than traditional make-up, and what this can mean for your skin is less irritation. Sensitive skin can occur at […]

What you need to know about your Skin pH

Everybody’s dream is to have and maintain a glowing skin. To feel the happiness that causes a smile when you walk pass a mirror. You want to own a skin that will boost your confidence and make you walk into places easily, flaunting your skin everywhere you go. I’m talking about a skin that will […]

Light Therapy

The beauty world is an interesting one. There’s an unending zeal to combat the ugly powers of aging and reverse the hands of time, this has led to the discovery of better products and techniques generally accepted by beauty seekers. The good thing is that there’s an unending list of techniques and products that will […]