What is Collagen?

In the beauty world, Collagen is a word that is frequently used. You must have heard about or come across this word in your activities relating to skin care. You probably have considered it to be one of the of the buzz about beautifying products. Well, there is a lot more to this word than […]

Blue light – What’s the big deal about it?

Lady in blue light

We discussed wrinkles; what they are and what causes them in the previous article. A lot of facts resulting in the development of wrinkles on your fair skin were mentioned. In this article, a very important and recent discovery of cause of wrinkles and how it can be managed would be discussed. In this article, […]

Atmospheric pollution and your skin.

Atmospheric pollution

For a skin care enthusiast, tips on how to avoid an unhealthy skin such as avoiding alcohol, avoiding consistent facial expressions, removing makeup before going to bed are common topics. The benefits of exercise on your skin are well spelt out and you’ve been advised to avoid unhealthy diet as they may all result to […]

Top 7 Homemade Remedies For Wrinkles Treatment At Home

Homemade Wrinkle Treatment

Where increasing age brings along tons of experiences and wisdom, it also welcomes unwanted skin problems such as wrinkles. Though ageing is considered to be the prime reason for emergence of wrinkles around the body and face, yet there are several external factors such as regular intake of alcohol, smoking, sun exposure, etc. that result […]