Edelweiss extract

No plant is as symbolic of Alps as edelweiss. This rare plant grows in high altitude alpine meadows and slopes producing delicate, glazing-white flowers from July to September.

Scientifically proven dermatological properties of the edelweiss extract.

  • Stimulates the epidermal protection.
  • Protects and regenerates the skin barrier.
  • Strong activity as anti-oxidant, radical neutralizer and DNA protector.

Beneficial properties

The strong self-protecting system of the Edelweiss plant enables it to thrive in the extreme alpine weather conditions and under strong UV light. Humans can benefit from it too: edelweiss is used in traditional medicine against inflammation and we use its extract for our protective skin care.


Our edelweiss plants are cultivated in sustainable and organic Swiss Alpine farms and are harvested at their best time.

Active compounds

The main active compounds in the edelweiss are leontopodic acid and luteolin derivatives and their high levels in the plant are assured by cultivating the edelweiss at high altitudes, exposed to sun and elements.


A proprietary extraction technology guarantees that the active ingredients of the edelweiss are properly captured and the rigorous quality control makes sure that the extracts always contain the right concentration of the active ingredients.

Scientific studies

Numerous published and proprietary scientific studies confirm the efficacy of edelweiss extract in skin care.


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