Revolutionary MICRO-BOTANICAL® formula

The MICRO-BOTANICAL® formula is a new kind of cosmetic product with crystal-clear appearance, velvety-soft skin sensation and unique properties found nowhere else.


New product type

Feeling like a dry-oil and absorbing quicker than a light cream our MICRO-BOTANICAL® Formula is an amazing new skin-care composition with rich texture and long lasting benefits.


Powerful composition

The active micro droplets of the MICRO-BOTANICAL® Formula are quickly taken up by the skin for great results.



The MICRO-BOTANICAL® Formula contains over 85% skin care ingredients and less than 13% water.


Great skin feeling:

You will love it: your skin will absorb it in seconds but the silky feeling will last for hours.


Protects the actives

The MICRO-BOTANICAL® Formula stores the actives and the organic edelweiss extract as microscopically small droplets within the nourishing ingredients, protected from air and deterioration.


Natural ingredients

Made with organic plants from fair-trade and sustainable Swiss Alpine farms.



Contains no ingredients of animal origin. The MICRO-BOTANICAL® Formula was not tested on animals.


Unique Serum collection

Twelve unique Serums made with the MICRO-BOTANICAL® Formula. Sach Serum is based on an extract of Swiss Alpine plant and each coming with its own special activity.